Literacy Workshop on the Governance (74th Amendment Act )

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Centre for Advocacy and Research and Prayash Single Window, Bhubaneswar organised a literacy workshop on Governance (74th Amendment Act) on dated 26th October 2021 in hotel Sapphire Plaza, Bhubaneswar. 40 participants (representatives of all MAS, ASHA, and Vigilance Committees) participated in the workshop.  The objective of the of the workshop is to broaden the knowledge and information on the key features of the  74th Constitutional  Amendment Act, possibilities of intervention  it presents for the community, state of its implementation , and the role of the peoples participation in planning and implementation of the projects at their respective areas and wards.

Mamata Nayak, Programme Manager, CFAR, welcoming all, also shared briefly the importance of 74th amendment Act and how everyone in their respective wards and areas should have knowledge and the concepts of the Act to participate in the planning Process.  Mr. Sachikanta Pradhan, Resource Person of the day planned the module of the workshop based on group –activities and Role playing, forming groups.He encouraged them to participate in the planning process as it is the fundamental basis of the Constitution 74th Amendment Act 1992.

Some of the key points of the Workshop –

  1. There are critical gaps in the implementation level of the Constitution 74th Amendment Act. To reduce the gap between the community and the implementing officers and to improve dialogue it is required by the communities to gain a deeper understanding of the Act, its provisions mentioned and the areas of intervention by the community in the urban governance.
  2. There is a lack of political will to devolve power to the grass-root. The state government still holds the keys at the planning and implementation level. The workshop helped the participants    rectify the lacunae and identify their roles and responsibilities  which is being ignored/ neglected by the government
  3. To spread awareness on the existence of the act, its technicalities in simple language. So that the community understands the specifications and features by assimilating all the information and participate effectively in the planning process at their respective areas and wards.
  4. The participants were involved in role playing to understand their role and responsibilities in urban governance. All the modules were activity based for effective learning; understand the concepts better unlike lecture setting.

Debasmita Rout, Assistant Coordinator, CFAR ended the workshop with vote of thanks. She offered her gratitude to the Resource Person and the participants for the fruitful programme. 

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