Mithibai Kshitij college festival 2021, with the team of ‘Tari Sathe’

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After launching Mithibai Kshitij 21st edition of the college festival to host  with a movie promotion and a highly fruitful social casue, Kshitij went on to conducting an offline movie promotion of the Gujarati movie ‘Tari Sathe.’

Team Kshitj made all  the Covid-19 restriction policies were followed throughout the event. The movie promotion was conducted in Juhu Jagruti Hall, wherein the entire audience, that consisted of 40 students, was seated at a safe distance. They  given the honour to be joined by Bhavya Gandhi and Jhinal Belani, the lead actor and actress of the movie. They were accompanied by Rakesh Shah, the Director along with Miral Shah and Sanjay Raval, the Producers of ‘Tari Sathe.’ Bhavya Gandhi and JhinalBelani, entertained, amused as well as inspired the audience by their answers.

They  had a fun filled interactive session and the event was streamed on Kshitij’s social media handles. It recorded 1500 views on Instagram, 250 views on YouTube and 250 attendees on MS Teams. Team Kshitij and the cast also had a joyful session of garba which was enjoyed by all.

Actor Bhavya Gandhi appreciate the team effort for make such an event for their audience. He also extremely delighted to promote this movie with Kshitij.  Dr. Krutika Desai the I/C Principle of Mithibai College also appreciate the effort with safe distance in view of covid 19.

In last word The Chairperson of Kshitij`21, Yashvi Gotecha excited to have a the star cast of ‘Tari Sathe’ with Kshitj in this memorable occasion and make all success of  ‘Tari Sathe.’

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